• KOL Management:

    Why KOLs?

    KOLs also refer to Key opinion leaders, thought leaders, stakeholders, healthcare professionals, and influential physicians. Opinion leaders are individuals to whom an opinion seeker turns for advice or product related information while making purchase decisions. Pharmaceutical companies rely on them for marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, conducting clinical trials, giving presentations at regulatory meetings, writing articles and textbooks.

    Role of KOLs in Pharma

    Noevos support pharmaceutical and lifescience companies to build long-lasting relationships with selected KOLs in a specific therapeutic field for their drug development process and post-marketing services.

    Noevos can help you by providing the following services:


    KOLs are scientific experts or researchers who are screened and identified from journal publications, conference presentations, clinical trials, etc., through a broad internet-based search using keywords around a specific disease state.


    We examine and track the available information of opinion leaders from public domains/sources and load the relevant data’s across the fields in excel. A customised and systematic approach is adopted in validating the right KOLs globally.

    Network Mapping:

    Network Mapping helps to identify the physicians who work closely with their peers in a disease area. We use our own proprietary tools to spot the group of interconnected peoples within a network. The group could be a working/research group. This helps to identify potentially effective opinion leaders among clients..
  • Data Processing and Data Cleansing:

    Data Processing:
    Operations performed on a given set of data to extract the required information in an appropriate form such as diagrams, reports, or tables. Manipulation of input data with an application program to obtain desired output as an audio/video, graphic, numeric, or text data file.

    Data Cleansing:
    We're specialised in standardising and cleansing the inaccurate records or database and transform it to a valid data source. Changes like correct addresses, removing duplicates and replacing the contact details are maintained and executed in a timely manner.

  • Contact Database:

    We adopt a systematic approach in organizing the list of contacts in to categories for easy-to-read and easy-to-locate. The database will be updated by compiling the contacts location, profession, job title, phone numbers, email addresses etc. This will allow you to communicate directly with the decision makers. The set of technical processes and software were used to maintain the database. We are committed to continually improving our processes and methods to ensure that we deliver accurate, quality and relevant data.

  • Medical and Scientific Writing:

    We offer medical writing services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries worldwide. Our dedicated writers have extensive experience in the development of scientific and medical documents. The team includes scientists who have a strong science background and can help the team translate scientific content into innovative written projects. We ensure timely delivery of accurate data with best quality services to our clients in a cost-effective and flexible manner. Our writers competently handle writing projects related to drugs, biologics and extensive experience in scientific research topics such as Alzheimer’s, hepatitis, cancer, etc. We have established procedures for document management and a broad collective experience in current electronic submission formats. All documents undergo rigorous quality assurance review before delivery. Our project teams work closely with each client and all partners in customizing the project plan to rapidly and flexibly meet the needs and requirements for the client’s program and collaboratively manage risks and develop innovative solutions toward a successful outcome.

    Therapeutic areas of expertise:
    Immunology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hepatology, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, and Urology.