Management Team

(Founder & CEO)
Joemicks is the Founder and CEO of Noevos where he drives overall business strategy and execution. He is an industry veteran with rich experience in Primary and Secondary Market Research, KOL Management, Social Media Monitoring, Data Validation and Data Management. Joemicks is a master in business planning, execution, process evaluation and standardisation of operational tasks. Joemicks holds a masters degree in Biotechnology.
Email : [email protected]

Tony Jose:
(Director - Business Development)
Tony is a professional with close to a decade of experience in business development, operations, delivery and entrepreneurship. He has vast experience in developing projects in niche areas in lifesciences, pharma and healthcare industry. Tony has a track record of providing analytical solutions to critical issues and has led range of strategy engagements from product related matters to corporate management.
Email : [email protected]

(Director – Technical Service)
Eshwaramorthy is responsible for leading and directing all technical functions within the operations. He set parameters to judge how efficiently and effectively the organization is operating. With more than 8 years experience across Primary and Secondary Market Research, eshwaramoorthy develops project plan that works to achieve progression criteria and quality assurance. He takes care of the technical team for process automation, R&D pipeline analysis, and in-licensing and out-licensing. He holds a masters degree in Biotechnology. He held several leadership positions in KOL management and led successful teams.
Email : [email protected]

Rimisha Raghavan:
(Project Manager)
Rimisha holds more than 6 years of experience in KOL Management and Desk research. With a Masters in Science, Rimisha has experience in Scientific Writing, Social Media Monitoring and Media Monitoring for Pharma companies. As a Project Manager, involved in delegation of work, oversees project progress and development, and responsible for all the activities within the team.
Email : [email protected]