Online Market Research Trends in 2014


Across the globe simplicity in marketing continue to find new and creative ways to connect with users through internet marketing. Today many companies face difficult situation to promote their service and manage their products online. However, they can build their own crowd to increase their visibility.

The top online market research trends in 2014 are as follows:

Visual/Illustrative Marketing:

This describes the visual representation or diagrammatic format of data as meaningful information that helps people to understand the concept of the data more easily. The meaning of many data can be grasped fastly by the public where marketers can communicate their concepts and reach them in the simplest way.

Few examples of visual representation are charts and graphs, animated images, well-designed colorful images and videos of the products. By all these means public could understand the value of business with in short period of time. More and more companies shift to smarter marketing messages for gaining more profit. This trend helps companies to drive their brand awareness and achieve mutual understanding among public.


Rising Social Media Marketing:

In a world of constant change, the power of the social media marketing on the global is tremendous. Social media is the centric place for both businesses and consumers where you can launch your marketing plans and trends to get the attention and interaction from the public.

Even small business can reach in front of the right audience and engage with them to provide great service, and boost their bottom line. Most social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, pinterest, and slideshare, etc., provides countless ways to conduct market research. By simple post you could gain customers real time conversation about the brand and market insight. Social media improves your approach towards achieving your desired results. Also, it is the magical key to maximize your marketing budget.

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Good Content writing/Blogging:

Earning the trust and positive impact of customers is more important in business. A valuable content will always be the first priority in promoting your online business. Water is best to quench your thirst, in the same way blogging quenches your business thirst.

The best weapon of blog is writing to the point, in short and up-to-date information about your company and products; this will place your business in the limelight. To establish your own ideas, you can write about your work and post in your own trend to reach the doorsteps of potential customers. An interactive blog allows your visitors to communicate and stay on your blog longer.

The more effective technique for startup entrepreneurs is to attract public by their blog content and postings, and redirect them to your main website. Once you publish your blog post, you need to implement automated sharing to social media. Doing so will take your services to a wider audience and gives you a strong ROI and a greater chance to generate more revenues.

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Revolution through Mobile Market Research:

Mobiles and Smartphone’s that revolutionized the world with its latest technologies altered the way to communicate and interact with the public. Today most companies utilize mobile surveys and discussions to put their business in motion and engage many customers in receiving their results rapidly. Mobile ads and apps promote customer satisfaction and engagement.

The integration of mobile devices along with software applications gives way for workers to collaborate and business connectivity with customers and vendors. The interactive nature, speed and accessibility of mobile allow marketers to get instant feedback on products and services from audiences. To increase the productivity and profitability every day businesses becomes more important. The key useful areas of mobile technology are networking/communication, commerce (information services, mobile banking, mobile brokerage, mobile ticketing, etc.), and marketing. This technology provides flexibility while travelling, working and even during home working.

Over the coming year’s Big data and analytics, Social and Mobile technologies will dominate the globe through their smarter approaches.

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