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Noevos offers medical billing and coding services, we supports all type of medical billing requirements of any practice, regardless of specialty or size. We are here for clients, providing them with professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. Producing quality services for all clients is a top priority for us. connect with us and get the job done with no hussle. Read More...

Coding for Physicians Offices

Physicians’ offices often rely on uncertified coding personnel to complete their coding duties. This can be because they have difficulty hiring and maintaining an adequate coding staff, because they are trying to reduce costs, or because they simply do not understand the benefits that certified coding specialists can offer. However, inaccurate coding can result in a number of costly mistakes for physicians’ offices and practices.

At Noevos we offer physician coding services as well as a number of other related coding services for physicians’ offices, medical practices, and treatment centers. Our physician coding services can help you to achieve accurate and compliant coding, improve your revenue cycle process, and reduce costs.

At Noevos, our physician coding services are available for all types of physicians’ offices, specialty treatment centers, doctors’ offices, and medical practices. Our physician coding teams have experience working with a broad range of specialties.

Coding for Hospital Facilities

Some hospitals, specifically, smaller community hospitals and specialty facilities, can find it difficult to hire and maintain a staff of qualified and experienced hospital coders.

By outsourcing medical coding services to a hospital coding company, hospitals and other facilities can reduce the costs of hiring medical coding experts as well as reduce or eliminate the other expenses associated with maintaining a staff of coding experts, while benefiting from the experience of certified coding specialists.

With the hospital coding services that are available from Noevos, a coding specialist company, we maintain a focus on meeting each of your specific coding objectives and achieving your goals. We can help your facilities manage their coding services and coding processes. Our coding specialists are available to provide hospital coding services on a long-term or temporary basis, and therefore, we are an effective solution to help your hospitals save money and achieve accurate and timely coding for patient records.

All-in-one coding solution for fast and accurate output

Discover a coding resource that meets your goals, operates smoothly within your system, and satisfies your need for dependable service. Our fresh approach ties our objectives to yours, netting you enhanced compatibility, compliance and performance.

• Focus on Minimizing or Eliminating Your Discharged Not Final Billed
• Prevent, Reduce, or Eliminate Your Coding Backlogs

• Minimize Compliance Risks and Maximize Accuracy Rates
• Handle Coding Services for a Broad Spectrum of Medical Specialties

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